About InnooCare

The Founder of InnooCare is a Company executive who leads a very busy and exciting life.  She often travels internationally, and is a frequent flyer.  This lifestyle is very satisfying for her, and yet, at times, it could be quite stressful if she didn't make the time to put her health first.  She started her investigation into essential oils after her naturopath suggested that she use different oils to help her relax after work, to clear her head, so that she could have more clarity in her thinking.  She also wanted oils that would help her skin rehydrate after flying, and give her home a welcoming fragrance.  When she started investigating essential oils, she realised she needed a Diffuser to get the full benefit of the essential oils.  However, she could not find a diffuser that she was completely satisfied with, as most diffusers had failings.

She took on the challenge, with the help of a friend who had a Science background, to develop the best Diffuser she could, and the birth process of InnooCare Diffusers began..

Her high standards for the InnoCare Diffusers were that they could identify and manage the density of different oils, would not corrode when citrus oils were used, also were quiet to run - it definitely had to be a Ultrasonic Diffuser, but much quieter than other models. It had to have several timing options, several spray variations, and  the spray needed to cover a larger area than the ones she had tested. She also wanted it to be a humidifier, to put the moisture back into dry skin. She also required the Diffusers to be a stylish compliment for leading-edge apartments, and in different sizes to cater for the size of various rooms.  A little personal quirk she included was that the Diffusers had the option of changing colors to suit room decors.  All this and more was achieved, and the birth of this high-quality, versatile Diffuser InnoCare was complete.  We hope that you love these InnooCare Diffusers as much as we do, we believe they are the best on the market.  Have fun!